Getting Started!

Getting Started!


How can I get started with bSecure?

  1. Sign up on and enter the credentials required.
  2. Once signed up successfully, you need to have no account verification.
  3. Then you have to go to the Settings and in Business portal you have to click on the business settings.The bSecure team will receive the Builder account verification request and approve it after review
  1. Then in Business Settings portal you will be required to enter the business details below and save it for approval by bSecure team.


How will I be charged?

Transaction charges, MDRs and charges for value added features like Robocall are adjusted against the Builder Wallet.

What are the various costs I will pay?

A builder will have to bear transaction charges, MDR on gross Order and charges for all value added services.

What features are included with COD?

You can start the Robo Call for order confirmation and create manual orders right away.

Can I create manual COD orders?

Yes, you can do so by selecting COD as the payment method.

Is there a cancellation charge?

There are no charges for order cancellation.