Bin Code Discount

General Information:

What is Bin Code Discount?

The Bin code based discount engine is supposed to only give discounts to customers who use the cards that you specify.

How does it work?

This feature will only work with payment gateways that support PCI DSS, i.e. at the moment only HBL Cybersource.

Video Guide:

The BIN code discount has been added under the "Discount Management" tab along with discounts. The builder can open up the tab and create a new discount tailored for any of the customers, save it, and make changes to it in the future.


Step by Step Guide to - Setup Bin Code Discounts:

Step 1:

From the Builder Portal's home page, open the "Bin Codes" tab under 'Order Management'.


Step 2:

Create a new BIN CODE discount by clicking on the "Add Custom List" on the right side of the screen.


Step 3:

Enter the details and the bin code you want to have the discount directed towards and save it.


Step 4:

View the bin code to see the details and make changes to the already made BIN codes.


Voila! You're ready with the bin code discounts which can be given to your customers and buyers.