1. Hosted Checkout

2. Urdu Checkout

3. EasyPaisa Integration

4. Product validations on create order

5. Open Graph and SEO Meta update on partner and checkout portal

6. checkout Graph UI update

7. Merchant shipment work

8. Product options work

9. manual order single pre-payment>skip payment screen

10. OTP timer update

11. Payment method screen UI update (card icons)

Admin Portal

1. Settlement reports upload for unsettled transactions

2. Basic report

3. APG callback retry

4. Export customer ID in order reports

Builder Portal

1. Robocall language

2. Product catalogue

3. Manual order from product catalogue

4. signup amount should not be withdrawal by merchant

5. clone order issue

6. dashboard: check demo should open in same tab

Admin and Builder Portal

1. Wallet reaming tasks

2. wallet emails

3. withdrawal count maintained

4. if withdrawal count limit is reached, apply IBFT charges

5. wallet limit reached: All prepayment gateways and Value added services will be paused if the wallet reaches limit

6. Open Graph and SEO Meta update on partner and checkout portal

7. Website footer

8. Product options work

9. [PCI] Change email

10. [PCI] Change phone number

11. [Builder] Create order @ Partner portal & Woo-Commerce only if customer is verified via OTP

12. order listing: column settings update and date range filter added

13. order listing excel: add customer ID


1. Bug fixes

2. Internal feedbacks

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