Banner size on catalog page

Builders who are using instant shop can now select the banner size of their own choice, they can use a full-sized as well as the half-sized banner on their catalog page on the instant shop.

Step by step guide to change Banner size

Follow these steps to change the banner size on the catalog page.

Step 1

Sign in to bSecure Builders Portal.

Step 2

Go to Manage Stores from the side navigation bar.


Step 3

If you have multiple stores, please select one for which you want to set the banner size on the catalog page. Now click “Shop Settings”


Step 4

Now select the banner size from the drop-down that you want to upload on the catalog page.

  1. Half screen banner
  2. Full-screen banner

Step 5

Now upload the banner according to the banner size that you have selected and click on the Save button.


Step 8

Now go to the “Manage Products” and click on the “Publish Catalog” button.


Now you are all set to go and you can view your banner on the Instant shop.