Bulk Import/Export

This feature can help our builders to import products in bulk from other platforms in a CSV file and get all their products listed in our builder portal and product catalog. Similarly, our builders can export all the products from bSecure builder portal in a CSV file and utilize it for any purpose they want.

Step by step guide to Bulk Import/Export

Follow these steps to Bulk Import/Export.

Step 1

Sign in to bSecure Builders Portal.

Step 2

Go to Manage Stores from the side navigation bar and click on the “Actions” dropdown.

Then click on “Import Products”


Step 3

  1. Now you can first view the sample template before uploading the CSV file.
  2. Then you can select the store for which you want to list all these products.
  3. Then upload the CSV file to import products into bSecure builder portal.

Step 4

After uploading the file you have to map the product fields in your CSV file with sample template.


After mapping the fields click on the “Import data” button and all the products in the CSV file would be added to the products list in builder portal.

Step 5

Similarly, you can export all the products from builder portal in a CSV file by clicking on the “Export Products” option from the Action dropdown.


All your products listed in builder portal will be downloaded in a CSV file.

Step 6

Now go to the “Manage Products” and click on the “Publish Catalog” button.


Now all the products in your product list will be appearing on the Instant shop.