Instant Invoices

General Information

What is Invoicing by bSecure?

bSecure Invoicing is a platform built to save you time and get you paid faster with embedded payment links in your invoices for accepting online payments in speed of light.

Why do we need it?

It is useful for

  1. Builders who need to send invoices to their customers
  2. Builders who are selling digital services or custom products
  3. Builders who want to accept prepayments with a link in their invoices

Step by Step Guide to - Create a New Invoice

Step 1

Builders can create an invoice for sending right away or by saving it for later use. You can create an invoice by clicking on Orders > Manage Invoices


Step 2

On the Manage Invoices page, click on the + Add Invoice button to get started.


Step 3

A pop-up will open where you will be requested to enter your invoice details.

  1. Customer: You can search customers by entering their phone number, i.e. "03XX-XXXXXXX" etc. OR you can add a new customer by clicking on + Create new customer button.
If you are trying to create a new customer that already exists, then rather than creating a new customer, just search the aforementioned customer phone number in the customer search input field and select from the suggested option.
  1. Item: You can search products/items by entering their names and selecting from the suggested options that appear in a dropdown. OR you can create a new Item by clicking on + Create new item button.
For each item, you have the ability to add Tax for it either at flat rate or in percentage.

Step 4

Once you have entered the Customer and products/items, you can add more information as follow:

  1. Due Date: You can select the due date for your invoice, to automatically change its status after the due date has passed for it without customer action.
  2. Description: It appears at top of the invoice as a memo for the invoice.
  3. Store: You can select a relevant store while creating an invoice.
  4. Additional Options: On enabling additional options, you can display your NTN / STN number on the invoice as well.
  5. Withholding Tax Clause: You have the ability to add the withholding clause of your choosing to the invoice.
  6. Footer Text: You have the ability to add footer text for any type of rich text you want to display on the invoice.

Step 5

Once, you have entered all of the information above. You have two options for completing invoice creation:

  1. Click on Save as Draft for saving for later use or for sending an invoice to the customer at a later date. This option lets you make changes to your invoice after saving it as well.
  2. Click on Generate Invoice to create a final version of the invoice, which will take you to a non-editable invoice page from where you can email the invoice to your customer.

Generating Invoices from Drafts

Once, you save an invoice as a draft you can edit the invoice and generate it once it is ready to send to your customers.

  1. Once saved as a draft, you can see that invoice in the list with status showing Draft.
  2. image
  3. You can click on Invoice ID to make changes to the invoice, preview the invoice or generate a final version for it.
Once Generate invoice is clicked, you can't make any further changes to that invoice.

Step 6 - Sending Invoice to Customer

Once the Invoice is created you have the following actionable options:

  1. Send invoice to the customer through email. You can also add other email addresses to that email thread as well.
  2. image
  3. Download the invoice as a PDF and send that to the customer on your preferred channel of communication.
  4. image
Payment statuses for Invoices

Manage Payments Section for Invoices

For every invoice generated, you can observe the payment activity against that invoice as well. You can find the payment status for an invoice as follows:

  1. You can click on Invoice ID to open the details page for the generated invoice.
  2. Then click on Manage Payments right next to Send invoice button and observe the payments statuses for all of your invoices.

Use cases

Here are some examples of different use cases of bSecure Invoicing
Create Invoices for Digital Services/Products:
Track payments for your invoices
Payment links within Invoice
Generating Invoice PDFs

General FAQs

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