One Page Checkout

We have introduced a new feature for our Builders to make the checkout process easier for their customers- One-Page-Checkout. This new feature allows the customers to check out not only faster but also with much ease. To enable this feature in your store, please follow the simple 6 steps guideline mentioned below:

Step 1

Sign in to your bSecure Builders Portal.


Step 2

Go to Manage Stores from the side navigation bar.


Step 3

If you have multiple stores, click the “Edit Store” option for the store on which you want to enable the One-Page-Checkout feature.


Step 4

After selecting the Edit Store button, you will see a screen as shown below, click on the Additional Store Settings button.


Step 5

After selecting the Additional Store Settings button, click on Select Checkout Journey and a drop-down menu will appear, choose One Page Checkout from this menu.


Step 6

After choosing the One Page Checkout option, click on the Update Store button as shown below. You have successfully updated your store with the One Page Checkout option.