Order Logging and Statuses

Order Logging and Statuses


What is Order Logging and Statuses?

When your customers initiate orders via bSecure, the success depends on various 3rd party services which include OTP verification, knowing the current status of the payment, and status given by the payment gateway you are using.

To make your life easy, we have developed an 'Order Tree' which will tell you what is the exact status of any order in a descriptive way. This will help you in debugging and communicating with your customer in a better way.

Video Guide

How to access the 'Order Tree'?


How to make sense of the 'Order Tree'


Below you will find a summarized version of all the events we log against a particular order. For a detailed view, please click on the link to open a google sheet to view the entire table.

Events and their descriptions

Order created
Customer has pressed the bSecure's checkout button
Order initiated
Customer has landed on the bSecure checkout windows
Customer profile found
Customer profile exists within bSecure
Shown payment method list
All payment methods displayed to custom
Latest order status
Order status changed from [old status] to [new status]
Payment method selected
Customer selected [payment method name] as payment method with gateway [name]
Shown checkout details
Checkout details screen rendered to customer
Confirm order button pressed
Customer pressed the confirm order button