Order Tagging

General Information:

What is Order Tagging at bSecure?

The Objective of this feature is to enable the feature of changing order status globally (for all orders). This allows the Builder to change and manipulate the status of the order with ease, of their own choice.

Why do we need it?

Before this feature, the Builders could only change the status of the orders which were created manually or had a Flag popup through the Robo Calls. With the new feature, the Builder has complete control over the orders and how to manage them. They can change the status of their orders at their own commad.

Video Guide

How it was Before vs How it is Now:


The order status could be changed ONLY when:

  1. The order was created ‘Manually’
  2. The order got flagged due to Robo Call Attempts.

The following drop-down would appear on any particular order page that meets any of the above criteria:


NOW, the Builder has the liberty to change the order of the status, whenever they want to, that too for any status that is placed for their store/stores.


The process has been made easy and simple for the Builders. They can now create whatever Tag they want to for the orders that have been placed for them. They would then also have the independence to change the Tag for each order by choice as well.

The User Journey for the process of Tagging is presented below:


Step by Step Guide to - Order Tagging:

Step 1: Click on the Manage Tags in Orders Dropdown from the Builder Home page:


Step 2: Create a New Tag:

Click on the "Add Tag" Button at the top right of the Screen.


Step 3: Input the Details and Save:

State the Name of the Tag you want to create in the Text Field and then Click on "Create".


Step 4: Head over to the Orders Page:

Now to test out the Tag you've created, head over to the "Manage Orders" Tab under "Orders".


Step 5: Change Status of an Order:

Select an order through tick boxing it, and then click on the "Actions" Button.


Step 6: Choose the Tags:

Choose Tags for the Order, and then select whatever Tags you want to have for the selected Order.


Select the Tag you have created for the order


Step 7: Open the Order and make Changes in the Future:

Click on the "Order ID" that is presented for the Order. This will open a separate tab where the Order will be opened, from there, you can edit the Tags by adding and removing them from there as well. Save once you've made the changes.