Setup Product Catalogue & Manual Order

Setup Product Catalogue & Manual Orders

General Information

What is the product catalogue at bSecure?

The product catalogue is a list of products which Builders would like to sell online. It includes product image, description, SKU, Discounts etc.

Why do we need it?

It is useful for

1. Builders who are selling online without a website 2. Builders who want to accept prepayments with a link 3. Builders who have a small inventory

Step by Step Guide to - Setup Product Catalogue

Step 1

Builders who do not have a website and are using social platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook can list their products here and generate manual orders for their customers with just a click. Products > Manage Products


Step 2

Listing the products in the Product catalogue

On the main partner portal, go to the Products tab from the main menu and click on Create Product on the Manage Products page


Step 3

A pop up will open where you will be requested to enter your product details.

Product Name, SKU and Price are mandatory to list an item on the product page.


Step 4

Once you have entered the details, you can interlink it with bShop features and for that you have to click on Shop Settings


Step 5

Then you need to select the journey for the shop from the options given below.


Then click on the Create Product button and you product will be listed on the Product’s Page and you can fetch it to generate manual orders on the Order’s page

Editing the Product

On the product page, click on the Product ID.


A pop up will open and you can make any changes in the product details. Once you are done, click Update


Step 5

Generating the Orders from Product Catalogue

You can generate orders by clicking on the Orders > Manage Orders > Create Order and in the option Order items enter the SKU of your product or click on Fetch from my Catalog.


Now enter the customer details after clicking on Fetch from my catalogue button.


Once the items are fetched from the catalogue, customer details are entered, then enter shipment and payment details and click on create order button.


Congratulations, you have successfully sent a manual order to your customer!

Important Note

You can also create a Manual Order from the Product's page by selecting the item from the catalogue and from Actions dropdown create manual order as shown below.