Store Branding

Video Guide

You can now upload your own custom logo, favicon, customize the bSecure button on your website and customize your checkout theme to align better with your branding colors and theme under the Store Branding tab in the Manage Stores portal for each individual store.


1. Upload your Logo and Favicon:

You can now upload a custom logo for your website and preferred favicon to individualize your checkout experience.

File format: jpeg, jpg, pneg, png

File Dimensions max_width=500px, max_height=250px, aspect ratio= 2:1

Maximum File Size 200 KB


2.Customizing Theme Colors:

You can now customize your bSecure checkout theme to align better with your branding colours and theme.


Step-by-Step Guide

💡This part will guide you on how to enable and use the feature.

Step 1: Log in to your account on

  1. Click on the Manage Stores tab found in the sidebar menu.
  2. And then click on the Store Branding option in the Manage Stores portal.

Step 2: Once clicked you will be redirected to the Store Branding,

  1. Then click on upload your logo and select a suitable logo for your brand.
  2. Also, click on upload your favicon and then select a picture from your gallery.
  1. Then click on the Edit button to change theme color

Step 3: Clicking on the Edit button will open a popup for selecting your colors for bSecure checkout/login.


Step 3: You can select from built-in color pallets that match your brand, along with a quick preview of it in the right part of the popup.

💡Not finding the right color from our built-in pallets. We got you covered as well!

Step 4: You can select custom color in the popup, which will show you a custom color input field below.


Step 5: Click on the input field and choose your color from the color picker or enter your RGB values to be precise.

Step 6: Lastly, click on the Save button to save your changes.

Use cases

💡Here are some examples of different use cases for Store branding.

  1. Show your brand on bSecure: Make your customers feel at home, with your branding colors and logo.
  2. Personalizing Instant Shop: These branding customizations extend to your Instant shop as well, which helps you in personalizing your store to your brand presence and liking.

3. Customization of bSecure Checkout Button

For customization of the bSecure button on your website, visit the Store Branding Tab.

Here you can select the text of the checkout button from the dropdown menu. Select the color and style of the button from the Button Style dropdown and you are ready to go!

Now go check it out on your website!

If you want more color variations, do send us your feedback/request through live chat.