Urdu Checkout

bSecure Multi-Language Feature

Below is the step by step guide in order to setup multiple languages in your checkout.

Currently, bSecure Supports

Englush (en - US)

Urdu (ur - PK)

Step 1:

Visit https://builder.bsecure.pk/signin and sign into your account.

Step 2:

Click “Settings” and then in Other portal click on “Communication Settings” Tab.


Step 3:

Then click on App settings and Choose prefered default language for checkout from the dropdown menu.


Step 4:

Click the “Save” button to complete your changes.

Step 5:

Now, How can customers change the language for checkout?

The customers can change their language by clicking the “Globe Icon” and choosing the preferred language from the popup.

Copy of From the Builder Portal's home page, open up the "Tags" Tab from "Order Management".