WooCommerce PIM

By enabling the wooCommerce PIM you can now push all products from the wooCommerce store to our builder portal. This will enable you to sell your products on our App and get more orders.

Step by step guide to enable the wooCommerce PIM.

Step 1

Sign in to your wooCommerce admin panel and click on the “Settings” tab in wooCommerce dropdown menu in side navigation bar.


Step 2

Now click on the “Advanced” settings and navigate to the Rest API tab.


Step 3

Now click on “Add key”.


Step 4

Now fill in these details.

  1. You can write your store name in “description”.
  2. Then you have to select the “User account”.
  3. Now the most important thing is that you have to select the “Read/Write” option in Permissions.
  4. Then click the “Generate API key” button.

Step 5

Now you’ll see an “API key” on your screen like this. All you have to do now is copy these API credentials to your bSecure builder portal.


Step 6 (Linking API keys to your bSecure portal)

Sign in to bSecure Builders Portal and and click on Manage Stores from the side navigation menu.


Step 7

If you have multiple stores, please select one which is integrated with your wooCommerce store. Now click “Edit Store”


Step 8

Click on “Additional store settings”.


Step 9

Now enable the PIM toggle button and paste “Consumer key” and “Consumer secret” from wooCommerce admin panel API key that you generated.


Now press the update store button at the bottom.

Step 10

Now go to the “Manage Products” and click on the “Actions” drop-down menu.


Now click on the “Sync PIM Products” option from the drop-down.


Step 11

Once product syncing is started, you’ll see this notification on top of the page.


The product syncing will take some time depending upon the number of products that you have in your wooCommerce store (Might take up to one hour if you have a large number of products).

Once all your wooCommerce store products are visible in the product list in the portal, Click the “Publish Catalog” button.

If you have any queries, contact us at builder@bsecure.pk