bSecure FAQ's

Can I use multiple email addresses on the same number?

No, for security reasons we don’t allow Builders to use multiple email addresses.

Can I use multiple numbers on the same email address?

No, for security reasons we don’t allow Builders to use multiple numbers on the same email.

I no longer have access to my email address?

Please contact helpdesk.

My OTP verification has expired.

Please generate another OTP by clicking “ resend OTP”.

What is Sandbox mode?

Sandbox mode is for when you want to test out the features of the product before deploying it live. We advise that you do this in your own staging environment before going live with it.

How is sandbox mode different from live mode?

The orders do not count towards your billing and prepayment orders are never processed through the live servers of the payment gateways.

What does ‘environment name’ mean?

Sandbox refers to how it's just a play term.

What is a client ID & client secret?

This is a unique key that we have assigned solely to you for activation, billing, order processing and customer management. Do not reveal this to anyone except key personnel within your company.

I can’t find the bSecure plugin on my WooCommerce store.

  • Please check for spelling errors, and use the keyword “bsecure”.
  • Please make sure you are not typing besecure or be-secure.
  • If you still have issues, contact us on helpdesk.

What does show “bSecure signup button on login form” mean?

Another key feature we have is the ability for customers to login to bSecure without doing a full checkout by using the bSecure signup button. You can read more about the signup options here.

How can I disable bSecure checkout?

Just click on the button “name of button”.

My order is not being placed?

Please contact the help desk for assistance.

I’ve installed the plugin but still can’t place my order?

Double-check your client ID and Key

  • Try it in incognito
  • Please ensure all your products are tagged with proper SKU’s
  • Message us on live chat if you are still having issues