Builder Verification FAQs

What is account verification?

Account verification is a process by which the bSecure Team authenticates a builder's business. To do so we need basic business information like registered name, phone number, address and NTN number etc.

Why do I need to verify?

bSecure verifies the identity of the Builders by taking their basic business information. As a partner of the Builder, bSecure takes on a certain level of risk by providing Builder a mechanism to process their orders. The verification ensures that the Builders are not involved in conducting any business which might be illegal or falls under certain government regulation which are considered illegal.

How can I verify my account?

1. Go to the builder portal 2. Click on Settings > Business Settings. 3. Fill in then business details. 4. Read the Terms & Conditions of bSecure. 5. Submit the form.

What happens after I submit the form?

A bSecure Admin will review your business details and after authenticating it approves/rejects your application.

What if my application is rejected?

In case your application is rejected, contact the bSecure help desk and they will take your case forward.

What happens after my application is accepted?

Your portal will show you as a verified Builder and all the value added services and payment options offered by bSecure will be ready to activate.

I don’t have a Company Incorporation Number?

You may provide your CNIC details instead

I don’t have a CNIC.

You may add your B-form number and can activate.

I don’t have a tax number.

Kindly provide your CNIC No.

I have verified but not received approval.

Kindly make sure that the approval email has not landed in your SPAM inbox. In case you can’t find it there, please contact our help center for assistance.

Can I edit my business information?

Yes you can edit your business information. Once all changes have been made, a bSecure administrator will verify and approve them.

Can I edit my business information?

Yes you can change them.

What happens if I change my business information?

Your business information stays with bSecure as a proof of your business and identity. Any changes in your business information requires approval from the bSecure Administrator.

How long will re-verification take?

It usually takes 2-3 business days.