General FAQs

General FAQs

Some of frequently answered questions are listed below for QisstPay Integration

How long will it take for Qisstpay to approve my account?

Within 24 hours of Account Creation, your account will be verified by Qisstpay Team. In the meanwhile, you can generate the API key on Qisstpay Portal and use it to turn on the integration on bSecure.

Is there any limit for the first time customer maintained by Qisstpay?

Yes. Your first time customers cannot use Qisstpay for a product that is priced more than Rs.10,000. After a successful settlement, they will automatically qualify for purchases more than Rs. 10,000 and less than Rs. 35,000.

What are the best practices I should follow after I integrate QisstPay through bSecure?

One of the best benefits of leveraging QisstPay, is that AOV and conversion are dramatically better. In order to optimize these, be sure to install the promotional banners and product widget, which illustrates to your customers that you offer installments. Also, make sure that your customers know that they need to select bSecure as payment type to get Qisstpay. Communicate to your customers that they can change the Payment method once they are in bSecure by clicking on the 'Edit' button on Payment Method.

What is the pricing of Qisstpay?

After your account creation on Qisstpay portal, Qisstpay team will call you and negotiate the charges based on your store volume and sales.

What's is the price range of a product for which Qisstpay would work?

Your product should be priced between Rs. 1500 and Rs. 35,000.

Where do I put my business account details for payment clearance?

After your account creation, Qisstpay business team will reach out to you in the same working day or the next working day to verify your details and get your bank account details as well.

How will Qisstpay clear my payments?

After 24 hours of order creation, Qisstpay will clear your full payment minus the Qisstpay charges in your business bank account.