How to install the bSecure Shopify Payment Partner App

Shopify store owners can integrate the bSecure payment plugin published on the official Shopify app’s page.

Let’s get started now!

Deactivate the existing Plugin first (if you are an existing bSecure Payment Plugin User)

First and foremost builder needs to deactivate the existing bSecure Payment Plugin or bSecure Checkout.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Log in to Shopify Admin Portal

Step 2: Click Payments in the Side Navigation Bar


Step 3: Click Manage Button to manage the existing bSecure payment gateway


Step 4: Click Deactivate Button


Step 5: Confirm the Deactivation of the existing bSecure Payment Plugin.


Now your existing bSecure Payment Gateway is removed from your Shopify backend and completely deactivated. The next step is to install the new bSecure Shopify Plugin.

Step-by-Step Guide to install the New bSecure Plugin

This section is an overview as well as how to install the new bSecure Shopify Pre-Payment Plugin published by Shopify as it’s Official Apps

Step 1: Open the link below to install the new Shopify Payment Gateway


Step 2: The above page will redirect you to the Shopify admin page. Where you can confirm the installation by clicking the Install App button


Step 3: Log in to your bSecure Builder Portal Account at


Step 4: Go to Manage Store and create a Shopify Store if not created already.

Now Click on Integration from the side menu.


Step 6: Click Credentials to view Sandbox and Live credentials for the Store.


Step 7: Copy Testing/Sandbox Credentials of the Store from bSecure builder Portal and make sure the toddle button at the end is enabled. Paste it to the configuration screen on Shopify. Please recheck the credentials before clicking the verify button.


Step 8: After verifying the test credentials. You need to input the Live credentials from the bSecure builder portal on the Shopify Payment Configuration screen.


Step 9: Click Activate Button to activate the bSecure Pre-Payment App.


Step 10: Go to Settings > Payments> Activate bSecure App.

You are LIVE now!

By clicking the activate button the new plugin will be activated on your store and ready to accept pre-payments.


Place a few test orders to ensure that the order flow is smooth and seamless.

For any queries please chat with us through live chat on our Builder Portal.

Happy Building!

What’s coming up?

  1. Changing the name of the payment gateway from BSecure on the Shopify Front end Payment Method Screen.
  2. Ability to change credentials from Shopify Backend in case credentials are added incorrectly