International Code and Messages

International Code and Messages


General Information:

What is the new Feature?

Previously, bSecure only allowed Pakistan’s mobile number through which the customers could register themselves. But since bSecure claims to maintain the global profiling of the customers, so to ensure that bSecure needed an update to allow customers registration not restricted to Pakistani mobile numbers.

Thus, we came up with a list of countries that are now added to the numbers through which customers can register themselves.

Which countries have been added to the list of International numbers available?

The following countries have been added in the list:

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. UAE
  4. Afghanistan
  5. China
  6. India
  7. Japan
  8. Australia
  9. New Zealad
  10. Bangladesh
  11. Middle East (all)
  12. Europe (all)

Use Cases:

The following new feature has been added, such that the builders are no longer restricted to sell their products to the users who have access only to a Pakistani number. With the addition of this feature, people from the 12 regions/countries can also register on bSecure's login and checkout plugin. This would give you, the builders, a bigger target market as well, and an opportunity to onboard your foreign clients through bSecure's checkout system as well.



Your Journey:

Checkout Pages / Registration Page:

On the bSecure checkout page, click on the '+92' button to open up the dropdown menu presenting the list of numbers, as shown below:


2nd Step:

As it is visible, a list of numbers appears in the dropdown, from which, you have the choice to select whichever country number you want to use in order to register to bSecure.


Final Step:

Complete the registration/checkout process through your number with ease, and enjoy the seamless experience that bSecure has to offer!



For the conveyance and fast delivery of messages to all of the client base for bSecure, locally as well as globally, we are using the following services for messages:

  • M3tech —> Local
  • Message Bird —> Global