Release Notes - 12th November 2020

Release Notes - 12th November 2020


1. APG-BAF Integration (mid release) 2. Minimum order amount set on Builder 3. Short description limit increased 4. Remove SKU as mandatory and add product ID 5. If Builder is in-active, order will not create 6. UI for letting customer know that his information will be taken and stored. 7. Guest user screen (continue as)

Admin Portal

1. Woo-commerce auth-URL check for ht-acess 2. Builder logo upload icon aspect ratio 3. Builder and users: show their signup date in listings 4. Builder admin in-active: in-active all his users 5. Order accounting calculations 6. Wallet transactions update

Builder Portal

1. Builder on-boarding journey 2. Minimum order amount field added on Builder's portal 3. Amount added on Builder wallet

Admin and Builder Portal

  • PCI] password fields on cockpit/partners, Builder signup/sign-in/User creation pwd flow.
  • Sign-in OTP flow update. same on email and mobile
  • [PCI] Evidence of password complexity
  • [PCI] Evidence of password validity
  • [PCI] Evidence of last four (04) password history remembered
  • [PCI] six reattempts on password and then block user
  • [PCI] block/delete user if he is inactive for 3 months
  • Forget passwords
  • Resend password
  • Change password
  • Added Builder credentials screen


1. Other bugs resolved 2. Internal feedback's