Step by Step Guide for Integrating Currency Converter

Step by Step Guide to Enable Currency Converter on Shopify Store


Below are the two apps we need to add to our Shopify Store.

  1. Geolocation by Shopify
  2. Currency Converter by Webrex Studios

Step 1 -Login

Login to your Shopify Store as an Admin.

Step 2 -Add Geolocation App

Search for the Geolocation App on your Shopify Store or simply Click here.


Step 3 -Install Geolocation App

After clicking the Add App button. You will be redirected to the Shopify Store. Please Click on Install App button.


Once you click Install App, the app is installed.

Step 4 -Add Currency Converter

Search for the Currency Converter App by Webrex Studios on your Shopify Store or simply Click here.


Step 5 -Install App

When you click Add App. You will be redirected to the Shopify Admin page, from where you can install the app.

-Click Install App button.


Step 6 -Setup Currency Converter

To setup currency converter there are four steps.

  • Step 1 -Select the Purpose

Select the Option 1 from below mentioned options. Once you select the purpose Click NEXT

  • Step 2 -Setup Country Rules

Click Add Country and you will see pop up with the country names coming up.

  • Step 3 -Select Country

Select Country as per the requirement from the pop-up dropdown on the screen.


Once you select the country click NEXT button.

  • Step 4 -Integration

To integrate Currency Converter with your store. You need to copy HTML tags given on the screen to your Shopify Store Currency Settings.

⇒ Copy both HTML tags; with and without currency


⇒ Click the link mentioned on the page to redirect to the Store Settings directly without any hassle.


⇒ Paste them to the Store Currency Formatting Settings


⇒ Once you have pasted tags successfully. Please Click Save button

⇒ After saving the Details. Click NEXT button

  • Step 5 -Enable the App

After Clicking the NEXT button. You’ll see the last step App Enable

⇒ Click the link Enable/Disable App on the page. This will redirect you to the Shopify Admin Store.


⇒ Enable the Currency Converter Toggle on the left Side bar.

  • Step 6 -Access Markets

⇒ Click the link Access Markets, which will also redirect you to the Shopify Store settings.


⇒ Select the Checkbox for Domain/subfolder redirection.


Once you enable the checkbox click Save button to Save the settings.

Step 7 -Finish and Place Order

Click Finish button to complete the Setup. Now you are ready to place a test Order.

Note: You will be needing a VPN to test it out if you want to test it internationally.