Bykea Pickup Integration

Bykea Pickup Integration

Aug 13, 2021 12:45 PM

What is Bykea Pickup Integration with bSecure?

Bykea Pickup integration is one of the fastest way to get your products from your warehouses into the hands of your customers. It works automagically after you add your warehouse locations in bSecure's Builder Portal. The Bykea rider will go to your warehouse location nearest to the customer's location and pick up products for delivering to the customer and collecting cash from the customer on delivery.

You have the option to add multiple warehouses and manage your opening hours directly from our portal. You can also enable a grace period for enabling your customers to cancel their orders within the specified time frame, without you ever getting wrongfully charged from the Bykea rider.

Step-by-Step Guide

Pre-requisites of using Bykea Integration

  1. Verify your builder account (FAQs)
  2. Create an account on Bykea App and share your registered mobile number with the bSecure team
  3. Get yourself enabled for Bykea (either Pick up or Purchase) by the bSecure team
  4. Get your Live Bykea Credentials from bSecure Team

Bykea Pickup (COD)

Step 1: Get live Bykea Credentials


Once you get the live credentials for Bykea with the help of bSecure's team, you need to enter them in the Builder Portal.

Step 1: Log in to your account on and click on the “Business Settings” tab found in the sidebar menu.

Step 2: Now click on the sub-menu in the Business Settings tab and select "Settings". Once clicked you will be redirected to the business-settings page.

Step 3: In the top horizontal menu, click on "Merchant Credentials". Once clicked you will be redirected to the credentials page.

Step 4: Enter your credentials in "Bykea Username" and "Bykea Password", obtained from the bSecure team.

Step 5: Click on "Save" button to save your Bykea credentials.


Step 2: Enable Bykea as Shipping Method


Now enable the Bykea shipment method for the Shipment Method tab. Here you can also control if you want to enable free shipping or not

Step 1: Click on the “Shipment Methods” tab found in the sidebar menu.

Step 2: Now click on the horizontal sub-menu in the Shipment methods tab and select "Bykea". Once clicked you will be redirected to the Bykea Shipping page.

Step 3: Set "Enable Bykea" as ON and make sure to click "Save Bykea" button after it.

(Optional) Step 4: Set "Enable free of cost shipment" as ON and enter the minimum cart value for Bykea Shipping to be used as Free.


Important Note: If the customer does not honor the order or the order gets canceled from the Bykea app, please remember that Bykea will charge the fare/cancelation fee to the Merchant/Builder

Step 3: Add a warehouse and set the timings


The warehouse is necessary to use Bykea Pickup API. This will tell the Bykea rider the place from where they can pick up the product.

Step 1: Click on the “Integrations” tab found in the sidebar menu.

Step 2: Now click on the sub-menu in the Integrations tab and select "Warehouses". Once clicked you will be redirected to the warehouses page.

Step 3: Now click on the "Add warehouse" button in the warehouses tab.


Step 4: Select your store and the city in which your warehouse is located. Bykea as of now only operates in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi & Islamabad.

Step 5: Add your "Warehouse Location" preferably through GPS by pressing on the globe icon next to the address input field.

Step 6: Set "Shipment Delay (in minutes)" for your customers to be able to change their order within specified minutes of time.

Step 7: You can also Upload a "Voice Note for Bykea Riders", to make sure they understand the address and other specifics. So, they won't bug you for details during the order. The "Short description" also serves the same result in a textual manner.

Step 8: Last but not least, specify "Warehouse Operating Hours" also disable for days your warehouse is closed.

Step 9: Click on "Create" to finish creating your warehouse. You can also add multiple warehouses and specify warehouses based on products or proximity of customer and warehouse locations.


Step 4: Add your product


We have written a detailed guide along with the video that explains how to add the Product. Here's the link

Step 5: You are live with Bykea Pickup (COD)


Place a test order with the help of your product link and see if Bykea is working or not.

Use cases


Here are some examples of different use cases for Bykea Deep Integration

General FAQs


Some of the frequently answered questions are listed below for Bykea Deep Integration

What is the difference between Bykea Pickup API and Bykea Purchase API?

Bykea Pickup API allows you to offer Instant Delivery of your goods to your customers in Karachi. If someone orders from the product link you have created, Bykea rider will automatically be notified of the order and will reach your warehouse to pick up the product and deliver it to the customer. Bykea rider will also pick up the cash on your behalf.

Bykea Purchase API allows you to sell your product from retail stores where your products are available. If someone orders from the product link for which Bykea Purchase API is enabled, Bykea rider will be notified to purchase the product from any retail store and deliver the product. Bykea rider will use his own cash to purchase the product and get refunded by the customer who ordered the product.

For what cities, Bykea Pickup API and Bykea Purchase API, are available?

Bykea Pickup API is available in Karachi only. This is in the beta phase.

Bykea Purchase API is available where Bykea is operational. Bykea is operational in:

  1. Karachi
  2. Lahore
  3. Rawalpindi
  4. Islamabad
How does payment settlement work in Bykea Pickup API?

Customers will be only able to pay with Cash On Delivery using the Bykea Pickup API. This is because there are multiple factors that might change the final bykea shipping cost, like receiving delays from the customer, wrong location of either the customer or warehouse. So, for the settlement of these penalty charges for the customers, he needs to pay the amount which is completely calculated in the end of the delivery.

How does payment settlement work in Bykea Purchase API?

Customers can pay through Pre-payment methods for Bykea Purchase API. This is because the products have a defined price and is needed to be bought by the Bykea rider from the nearest relevant location for the customer. So, the price could be very accurately settled since we have a fixed cost for the product when purchasing and ride estimates.

How to cancel the order if the customer does not honor the order or changed their minds?

You can add a Shipment Delay (in minutes) for each of your warehouse locations. This delay will provide your customers with a time frame for cancelling their orders without your ever getting wrongfully charged from Bykea's rider.

How to offer free delivery to your customers with Bykea Shipment methods?

You can "Enable free of cost shipment" from your Bykea Shipment method settings in Builder Portal as ON and enter the minimum cart value for which Bykea Shipping will be used as Free.



Here are some error handling cases for Bykea Deep Integration

My customers cannot see Bykea as a shipping method

It will happen because of two reasons:

  1. Your customers are opening the product link during the break-time of the warehouse
  2. Your customers do NOT live in Karachi and they are trying the product link which is only enabled for Pickup API. Currently, we are piloting the Pickup API in Karachi only
I cannot see the Bykea Tracking link on my Order information page

Bykea Tracking link will be generated IF:

  1. The product is enabled for Pickup API
  2. The delay time you set in the warehouse gets passed
  3. bSecure's CRON has run for syncing purposes.