Robo Calls FAQs

Robo Calls FAQs


Auto confirmation call on COD payment method

What is a Robo Call?

bSecure offers Builders the option of an automatic bot confirmation call on COD orders. This service mitigates the risk of doorstep refusal minimizing additional logistic charges Builders may have to pay.

How do Robo Call work?

Once the automated call option is enabled, Builders can set rules for COD calls based on business needs. Customers who fall under the criteria for COD calls will receive an automated call where they will be asked to confirm the order by pressing 1 or cancel by pressing 2.

Criteria for automated calls can be set based on cart value, similarly to shipping criteria. Specific criteria can also be set for returning customers.

A regular shopper at a website is referred to as a returning customer. The Builder can set a criteria for them also.

The bSecure returning customer is an individual who has a bSecure profile but hasn't shopped on the Builder’s website before. He is a new customer for that website but an old/returning bSecure customer. Builder’s can set criteria for such users also.

The timeframe for calls is 9:15am to 8:45pm. Calls go through instantly however in the case of orders outside the designated timeframe calls will be placed the following morning.

If a customer does not respond to the call 4 re-attempts will be made at an interval of 3 hours. If a response is still not recorded the Builder can set a rule where the order is either confirmed, cancelled, or flagged (for manual change)



Why isn’t my order appearing in my bSecure dashboard?

Please contact the help center now.

Can I increase my Robo Call Re-Attempts?

Currently the maximum allowed attempts are 4.

How do I generate an order report?

You can generate an order report by filtering the data you need and then click "Export".

What are “Flagged orders”?

Flagged orders are orders which are highlighted because of various reasons including high cart value, suspicious customer or possible fraud activity.

bSecure offers Builders to flag an order based on cart value. All orders which are flagged require the Builder’s action. The Builder has to manually confirm or reject the order and the bSecure system always marks its status as flagged.


What does “Order Initiated” mean?

When the customer clicks the "Pay with bSecure" button at the checkout page, the order falls under order initiated status.

What do I do with flagged orders?

Builder has to manually change the order status to either "Confirm" or "Cancel".