What is a Wallet?

bSecure Wallet is a charging mechanism for the services bSecure offers to the Builders. Wallet deducts the flat charges applicable per order.

Important: The bank MDR% is deducted by the bank and the remaining amount is transferred to the Builder’s Bank account and none of that amount is passed to bSecure.

The bSecure charges are not cut before the final settlement is made into your account by the bank.

How does it work?

Wallet deducts per order charges. The opening free balance given to all builders is Rs 1000. As the order comes in, the wallet is deducted as shown in the example below.

Wallet Balance: Rs 1000

Order#1234 was successfully placed, Hence Rs 30 is deducted from the wallet.

Wallet Balance: Rs. 970

What is the Wallet limit?

Wallet limit is the amount at which the bSecure services will automatically disable hence it is important to keep the wallet balance positive and timely top the wallet.

How do we top up the wallet?

You will get an email when the wallet limit is 70% exhausted. Kindly top up the wallet as soon as you get the email and SMS notification.

You can top up the wallet by making an IBFT transfer on the below-mentioned details. 

Account Title: BE SECURE (PVT) LTD 

Bank Name: Meezan Bank  

Branch Code: 0107 

Account Number: 0104684461

IBAN: PK43MEZN0001070104684461

Once the payment is done you will send a screenshot to wallet@bsecure.pk to confirm that the amount has been transferred.

Then we will top up that amount into your account and you will let you know via email notification.

What happens when the wallet is not topped up?

If your wallet is not topped up then your payment gateway will be disabled from the checkout.

For any questions related to the wallet, you can message us on live chat through your Builder Portal (builder.bsecure.pk)