Setting up your stores on bSecure

This article will help our builders to set up multiple stores and access them with one credential pair.

What is Multi-Store?

Multi-Store is bSecure's latest feature as of April 15th, 2021. It enables all of our builders to manage multiple stores, built on the same or different platforms, from one place. Once integrated, you can use our easy-to-use portal to enable/disable certain features on your checkout and integrate with multiple payment methods and logistics as well

How to create a new store?

In order to integrate multiple stores, you need to add your store from 'My Stores' under Integration Tab. See the screenshot below:


Using this method, you can create more than one store and have all your order management in one place.

Where to find your credentials?

How to get your client ID and client secret?

Here's how you can get your client ID and client secret to use during plugin installation:


How to get your store ID?

Once you get your client ID and have created a new store, all you need to find the store ID. See the picture below


How to input store in Shopify?

Step 1

Once you have installed the plugin you will see a screen like below:


Step 2

Now copy your client ID and client secret from bSecure and paste them in relevant fields on Shopify


Step 3 (The most important step)

Now put a ':' at the end of your client id and paste the store ID. Click Save, and you are done!