Bulk discount voucher creation

Bulk discount voucher creation


What is bulk discount voucher creation?

The discount engine allows you to add in discounts, based on various items such as payment gateways, shipping methods, and more. It allows you to specify the different rules and customize a discount for a specific audience or specific customers.

It also gives you the ability to make multiple discount vouchers with the same limitations, which are also reusable.

User Demo:


Step-by-Step Guide - Bulk Discount Voucher Creation:

Step 1: Open the discounts page from the builder portal's home page:

From the Builder Portal's home page, open up the "Discounts" Tab from "Order Management".


Step 2: Create a New Discount:

Click on the "Create New" button at the top right of the screen.


Step 3.1: Input the Details:

State the name of the discount you want to create and then specify the details.


Step 3.2: Input the Specifications:

The different specifications are to be turned on to enable the bulk voucher creation. The following buttons are to be enabled:

  1. Allow Multiple* → enable or disable (Based on the choice if you want to let the user use the same voucher again and again).
  2. Create Multiple Voucher → Yes or no if you want to create multiple variants of the same voucher.
  3. Voucher Quantity → Specify the amount of quantity for the discount if you are opting for "Yes" in "Create Multiple Voucher".

Step 4: Specify the Discount Rules for your Voucher:

Specify the different rules for the discount that you are creating. With these rules, you can make multiple conditions and presets which have to be met in order for the discount to be used.

Press the Save button and have your Discount Available for all your Users!


Use cases

  • Use Case 1 - Holiday Discount:

The Date Filters can be used in order to create a voucher for a specific time duration.

For Example: Eid Holiday Discount, Black Friday, etc.

  • Use Case 2 - Get 20% off with Bank Payment:

If a customer pays with a Bank Card (Online Payment), they can avail 20% off for that order.

General FAQs

How do the settings allow the Discount to be specified for a specific Audience?

Some of the specifications we have allowed you to make for the Discount you are creating are:

  • Discount for Specific Shipping Method.
  • Discount for Specific Payment Method.
  • Discount only and only if a specific amount of products or items are added in the Cart.

Can multiple Discount Version be created for the same discount?

The discount engine also gives you the ability to create individual vouchers and bulk vouchers for your customers.

Can a limit be placed on the amount of money that can be given up for the Discount?

Yes, the Unlimited Usage can be turned off, and then the amount can be specified in the Max Budget field.