How to change your email address

How to change your email address

Change Email Address

Below mentioned is the step by step guide for builders who wish to change their email address as per the convenience. Email address is one of the key elements to identify and communicate with the builder on daily basis. It’s very crucial that builders follow the proper steps in order to successfully change this data:

Step by Step guide

Step 1

Login into with valid credentials followed by OTP verification:

Step 2

Inside builder portal, on TOP-RIGHT corner, Click on builder’ username:

For example:


Step 3

On clicking, you see a screen something like that:


This screen allows you to change your email address with few simple steps.

To change the email, click on “Change Email” button, you will see a screen such as below:


Step 4

Now, you need to provide your current valid password and your new email address on this screen.


After giving input, click on Verify button. You will see next screen such as below:


Step 5

A “One Time Password” called OTP has been sent to your new email address for validation. You should be receiving as email like this:


Copy and paste the OTP Code and input into below screen:

In above screenshot, you will notice an information tag “You will be logged out of your account after the email address has been changed”, this means once you click Save you will be logged out of your account automatically. Do not panic, just log-in with your new email address and valid password.

If you can log-in successfully, you are good to go. Otherwise, connect with us on Live Chat for help. Good Day!