Manual Order FAQ's

Manual Order FAQ's


What is the benefit of manual orders?

The Builder’s can create orders themselves, especially for those customers, who have limited knowledge of online shopping or have no access to the website.

Which payment options are available for manual orders?

All payment options which are live on the Builder portal are available.

Which shipping methods are available for manual orders

All the shipping methods the Builder has enabled are available to choose from. The Builder can manually enter the shipping cost too.

Can I generate a manual order receipt?

The final order created page serves as an order receipt because it has all the product, customer, shipping, and delivery details.

How will my customers be notified?

The Builder can send a text message or email to the customer to notify them about the order.

How can I accept payment through a link?

If the Builder selects "pre-payment" from the payment method drop down on the Manual order's page then a link is shared with the customer. The customer clicks on the links and continues to checkout by entering his/her payment details on the payment screens.

  • You can also have a Product link to add the product from the catalog in the order items option

Once the Builder clicks the "Create Order Link" button, the below window pops up and the order details including the payment link are shared with the customer through an email or SMS, or both.


Can I generate manual orders if I don't have a website?

bSecure now offers all online sellers to generate orders and accept prepayments whether they have a website or not. The Product page at bSecure serves as a product catalog where Builders can list items and generate manual orders to share with their customers.

If you are a WhatsApp seller or run a specialty store on Facebook or Instagram, you can instantly generate an order link for your customers.


To learn more about creating a product catalogue and Manual order. Click Here