EasyPaisa credentials guide

EasyPaisa credentials guide

Easypaisa credentials guide

This writeup is a step by step guide to identify the credentials for easypaisa merchant account.


It is being assumed that you have an active easypaisa merchant account.

Let's begin, so to enable easypaisa payments with bSecure you need the following credentials:

o User ID

o Password

o Store ID

o Public Key

o Private Key

Note :

User ID : Will be provided by easypaisa team

Password : Will be provided by easypaisa team

Store ID : Will be provided by easypaisa team

Generate Public / Private Key:

Step 1


b. Now, select "2048 bit" from the drop down.

c. Then click on "Generate New Keys" button to generate your Public & Private key pair.

d. Save these two keys in two separate text files for later use.

e.g.: PrivateKey.txt & PublicKey.txt

Note : These two keys will be used in merchant credentials screen in Step 6 of easypaisa integration guide

Step 2 (Very Important Step)

Now, you need to share your public with easypaisa.

In order to do that , first change extension of PublicKey.txt to PublicKey.PEM extension.

Now, login into easypaisa official merchant portal with your valid credentials: https://easypay.easypaisa.com.pk/easypay-merchant/faces/pg/site/Login.jsf

Then, Click on Account Settings tab:


Then, Click on Public Key Configuration tab from the left menu


Then, You should see a screen something like this:


Step 3

Now, click on Add button and upload your PublicKey.pem file here


Step 4

Click on Upload button. Let the upload complete, you will see a progress bar.


You are done here! Now go back to easypaisa integration guide and complete the process.