Start Tracking Your Customer's Checkout Behaviour Today!

Start Tracking Your Customer's Checkout Behaviour Today!


There is no better time to start tracking your customer's checkout behavior than now. If you're ready to improve your checkout's conversion rate, then we've got you covered.

In this article, you will learn about integrating your Google Tag Manager account with your bSecure account. We'll talk about why it's important and the potential benefits of doing so.

How to Integrate Google Tag Manager in bSecure?

It's no secret that bSecure is a secure and seamless checkout solution and is one of the best solutions in Pakistan to meet the e-commerce needs of both retailers and consumers. And now, bSecure has incorporated Google Tag Manager!

Before moving on to the integration guide, please ensure that you have set up your bSecure Account and a Google Tag Manager Account. If you haven't done that yet, here's an introductory guide on how to get started with bSecure and setting up a Tag Manager Account.

Now let's move on to the integration.

Step 1: Locating the GTM Integration Page on bSecure

Before you start integrating Google Tag Manager, you need to locate the Integration Page. To do this, please log in to bSecure and go to Settings > Click on Google Tag Manager in Stores portal or if you are already logged in to bSecure, click here to open the GTM Integration page directly.


Step 2: Create a Property for bSecure

Once you have successfully landed on the Integration Page, you will find four fields, 3 of which would be auto-populated; for each URL, you need to create a separate property within your Google Analytics or any other analytics platform.



Note: All Three URLs serve different purposes; please ensure you are using the correct one.

Step 3: Paste in your GTM ID

Once you set up your analytics platform (see online article for generating Google tag manager ID) , all you need to do is paste in your GTM ID in bSecure. You will find this ID in your Google Tag Manager Account. You need to copy the ID and exclude the Prefix; this ID is formatted as "GTM-XXXXXXX". Once the ID is pasted, click Save and you will see a success message.



You have now successfully integrated your Google Tag Manager with bSecure; you are now open to endless possibilities. As promised, we will now be discussing the importance and potential benefits of tracking user behaviour.

Importance and Benefits of Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a platform that allows you to create, edit, and deploy the tags you need for your website without having to bother with manual coding. The data you are able to capture with Google Tag Manager is very valuable for digital marketers because it can tell you what channels your customers are coming from, how they interact with your site, and what they do next.

Google Analytics is a tool that tracks website traffic. When you put the Google Analytics tracking code on your site, you will be able to see data such as how many visitors you have, where they are coming from, what pages they view on your site, and much more. Heatmaps can help you see where people are clicking on your site so you can optimize your site’s design based on where your visitors are actually looking at.

Importance and Benefits of Tracking Customer Behaviour

On the checkout page, most shoppers are in a hurry. They may even be tempted to give up their shopping carts if their line is too long. But when your customer is at the checkout, they are in the buying mood. Take the time to start tracking their checkout behaviour today, and you'll see how much more money you can make.

You can use this data to customize your messaging The right product recommendations can inspire a customer to buy more of a certain item. Digital Marketers have had this power for a long time. But you can benefit from it too.