How to get listed on taptap



This is a guide on how you can list your products on TapTap Mobile App and get onboarded with us in under 2 minutes.

Step by step guide to get onboarded:

Step 1: Checklist for Integrating with bSecure Portal

  1. Sign Up on bSecure Builder Portal, See Guide from Here
  2. Integrate your Shopify/WooCommerce Store with bSecure Portal
    1. WooCommerce Integration Guide
    2. Shopify Integration Guide
  3. Upload your Store Logo in bSecure Branding Section. See Guide
  4. Enter your Bank details in bSecure Portal to receive Payments for orders from the App
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Step 2: Importing your Products into bSecure Portal

There are several ways to import your products into bSecure Portal.

  1. Import WooCommerce Products
  2. Import Shopify Products

Not finding the required method for importing your products. Please chat with us on https://bsecure.pk/

Step 3: Enable Agency Access to bSecure for faster issue resolutions

  1. Go to "settings" on your builder portal and click on "Agency Access" in the user management section.
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  3. If you want to give access to your portal to some agency for marketing or management purposes, click on the "give access to agency" Toggle button to activate it.
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Step 4: Enable View Rights to bSecure for WooCommerce/Shopify Portals for testing purposes during the first 10 Orders to bSecure

For the first 10 Orders, you get through our app, we request to have view rights to your Shopify/WooCommerce Portal for monitoring operational and technical functions of our integrations with Shopify/WooCommerce. After 10 Orders are complete and we have completed our testing, we will notify you and then you can waive off these view rights for us.

  1. WooCommerce: Guide to Enable View Rights (Subscriber) for bSecure
  2. Shopify: Guide to Enable View Rights for bSecure